About The Firm

Established in 2014, Guevara Law Group, P.C. is a general practice law firm centrally-located in White Plains, New York. With a legal team providing services to clients in Westchester, Putnam, Bronx, New York, Queens, and Kings Counties, Guevara Law Group never loses sight of its commitment to provide the best possible legal experience to each of its clients. The Founder of Guevara Law Group, Marcia G. Guevara-Trejo, was inspired to establish a firm focused on the fundamental elements of the attorney-client relationship: accountability, accessibility, communication, responsiveness, and trust. Marcia believes that all of the technological advances at our fingertips (e.g., e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter) are tools for clients to reach their attorneys and vice versa. With all of the ways people can contact each other in the modern age, Marcia believes that there is absolutely no excuse for an attorney to be unavailable to his or her clients. A client trusts their attorney with more than just a fee; they trust their attorney with their name, their reputation, their livelihood, and their future. In exchange, an attorney owes it to his or her client to give them the type of respect that trust demands. This is the philosophy with which Marcia founded Guevara Law Group.

Guevara Law Group concentrates on the following practice areas: immigration; bankruptcy; personal injury; business law; intellectual property; commercial litigation; and real estate.